Entry requirements

Modified : décembre 11, 2017 at 15:09

                 Thesis projects must be in line with the priority research areas of the centres attached to ED SEG. Applicants must first contact the research centre they wish to work with and ensure that they have the support of a doctoral supervisor in their research area (economics or management).

Doctoral supervises cannot take on more than 10 doctoral students at a time, including jointly supervised doctorates.

Graduate School Council decision of the 30/04/2009:

“Doctoral supervision in the areas of economics and management is to be by a supervisor holding habilitation from the relevant section (CNU 05 or 06 or CNRS 37). If the supervisor is from another section, the Graduate School director will offer a joint supervision in conjunction with a supervisor holding habilitation in the appropriate section. If this is refused by the doctoral supervisor the case will be put to the Graduate School’s jury.”