Financial assistance for conferences

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The ED SEG offers financial assistance to its doctoral students (on the condition of co-funding by the associated research institute) for any presentation to national or international conferences or workshops that are authoritative in the discipline. Co-funding can also be provided for participation in Summer schools organised in France or overseas universities, in accordance with the same conditions.

A few important rules to follow:

  • Any financial assistance from the Graduate School is conditional on the doctoral student’s current enrolment
  • All funding from the Graduate School is subordinate to co-funding from the research institute
  • For conferences and workshops only presenting participants are eligible for co-funding
  • Students must follow the rules regarding travel of the University to which their research institute is attached. This may mean completing a specific authorisation from their research institute.
  • All requests must include a detailed budget for each expense. The Graduate School and the research institute cannot share the same expense.
  • The amount offered by the Graduate School is a maximal amount and will be limited to the receipts provided upon return.
  • All Graduate School funding is granted within the limit of the amount provided for that expense in its annual budget.
  • ED SEG reserves the right to refuse funding if the doctoral student has not followed the program in which they are enrolled.
  • In the case of group presentation, the Graduate School can only provide funding for one of the authors/presenters.
  • The Graduate School will give prioritise requests based on the quality of the conferences in question.

Download the attached document entitled
“Request for ED SEG financial assistance.”
(at least 1 month before departure)

Cliquez pour télécharger le tableau excel tableau de demande de financement.xls [funding request table] (format Excel, 16 ko)

This document must be progressively completed ELECTRONICALLY by following these steps (please keep the document in Excel format):

  1. Fill in the document (up to the section “Supervisor’s name, Surname”) and send it to your supervisor for approval.
  2. If approved, your supervisor sends your request to the administrative officer (or director) of your research institute.
  3. If the research institute gives its approval, it specifies the maximum amount and the particular expenses for which funding has been granted
  4. The research institute then sends your request to the following email address: (Subject: Funding request)
  5. The Graduate School administrative officer communicates the Graduate School director’s decision and, if approved, the amount being offered.
  6. he University of Lyon “Ordre de mission” must then be completed BEFORE YOUR DEPARTURE (1 month before) and returned by post with the following documents:

     "Ordre de mission" (format Pdf, 73 ko)

    • Conference program
    • Request for funding document, approved (all sections completed)
    • A copy of your current student card
    • Bank details

    Students enrolled in Universities: Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Jean Moulin Lyon 3, ENS Lyon and Jean Monnet Saint-Etienne, please send to:
    Sandrine BRUNET
    E.D. Sciences Economiques et de Gestion
    Université Jean-Moulin Lyon 3
    Manufacture des Tabacs
    6, Cours Albert Thomas
    69008 LYON

    Students enrolled at University Lumière Lyon 2 please send to:
    Université Lumière Lyon 2
    Sihem BOUNOUNA
    86, rue Pasteur
    69365 LYON cedex 07

  7. 7. Upon your return, please send the original documents relating to the Graduate School’s funding to the relevant contact (see above). Please provide details of the actual costs incurred. PLEASE ATTACH PROOF OF YOUR ATTENDANCE OF THE CONFERENCE. (Don’t forget to do the same for the research institute that provided the co-funding).