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The Graduate School of Economic and Management Sciences offers a range of courses to be taken over the three years of the doctoral program in order to make up the required 60 credits per year.

Doctorate program: 1st year of thesis
Niveau D1 : 60 crédits – 84 H crédits
21hr module “Writing articles and oral presentation in English for doctoral students of Humanities and Social Sciences” (or another module from section E of the University of Lyon’s Doctoral School catalogue) or TOEFL/TOEIC certification 15
3 Doctoral seminars (21hrs each) to choose from the  following. 45
Doctorate program: 2nd year of thesis
2nd year: 60 credits – 36hrs crédits
3 Seminars (12hrs each) to choose from the Advanced Seminar in Economics and Management presented by visiting international lecturers 30
Presentation at the Graduate School Workshop (Spring) 20

Participation in a conference or a workshop jointly funded by the Graduate School


1 work integrated learning module from the Doctoral School’s catalogue

Doctorate program: 3rd year of thesis
3rd year: 60 credits crédits
Writing of thesis based in research institute 60

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