Requirements for program completion

Modified : décembre 11, 2017 at 15:14

The Graduate School approves the award of the doctorate on the basis of the student’s official record of each year (60 credits) of their program. Some students may be eligible for exemption or recognition of prior learning to accord flexibility in certain situations (CIFRE or internationally joint supervised doctoral students, summer school participants or programs studied abroad etc…) The request for exemptions are made to the director of the Graduate School by the doctoral supervisor.

The final doctoral examination can only be arranged if all 120 credits of the first 2 years of the doctoral program have been completely validated.

CIFRE : doctoral students under the CIFRE agreement are exempted from the first 2 years of the program, with the exception of the Workshop organised by the Graduate School in 2nd year (ED SEG Council decision of 10/06/2010)

INTERNATIONALLY JOINT SUPERVISED STUDENTS : are exempted from the 1st year of the doctoral program. However they must complete all of the 2nd year of the program.